txt.24 Lumbar Rebozo Pillow

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Rebozo is considered one of the most iconic Mexican craft. The Rebozo is originally a dress garment worn by Mexican women for more than 300 years. Historically in the XX Century, the Rebozo was banned by Modernity ––relegating it being pushed by progress–– towards the rural areas and the most marginalized social classes.
Today, Rebozo barely stands and although woven in different areas of México such as San Luis Potosí, Oaxaca and, Tlaxcala, it is believed an original creole technique from Tenancingo in the State of México. Today, masters are disappearing and slowly, Rebozo workshops are closing down due to the lack of interest of the younger generations. We desire that the Rebozo Pillows will help us to create more awareness within our community, to help us preserve another endangered technique while sophisticating the contemporary interiors.






50 x 30 cm  /  20 x 12 inches.

100% Woven in cotton.

Made in México.