Tule Prototypes

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Prototypes are pieces that did not meet our quality standards. This does not mean our pieces are soulless, on the contrary! The prototypes are made with the effort of artisan apprentices. People who by making, learn this millenary technique. So, when you purchase a prototype, you are also supporting the learning process of our new (and young!) apprentices. Passing on vital knowledge to protect popular Mexican popular traditions from disappearing. 

Prototypes present small details which make them unique. Some are smaller, others taller. Some a bit more corporeal, others are thinner. They will always be a wonderful surprise! 


txt.02 model is a wider variant from the txt.01 in diameter. The re-design does preserve the original prehispanic icpalli typology in terms of height.  

The txt.02 tabouret accompanies our txt.03 individual armachair model as an ottoman or as a side table, with a simple tray placed on top.

We suggest the txt.02 as a textural accent which provides warmth in the most intimate areas of the present-day spaces. 


The txt.03 revisits a Mexican folk classic, the Equipal chair. It is built from a 95% woven seagrass (Tule) natural fiber and a 5 % wood which provides longer support for the back rest. Its knotted architecture confers a powerful aesthetic that captivates the eye. The txt.03 is an original popular design, interpreted masterfully by our partner, Don Nacho Morales. txt.ure has only elevated the quality of the manufacturing process converting it as a signature piece of the Tule collection


Product Care 

* Sun resistant.
* Do not wet / Do not wrap in plastic. 
* In case of water exposure dry completly under the sun.

Ø 64 x 40 cm.  /  Ø 25 x 16 inches.
100 % Hand woven in Tule natural fiber.
Made in Mexico.

Ø 64 x 77 cm.  /  Ø 25 x 30 inches.
95 % Hand woven in Tule natural fiber, 5 % wood.
Made in Mexico.