Pellizco Rug Prototypes - Indigo Blue

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txt.ure identifies a prototype as a piece of weaving as it came out of the loom. This is a proper craft piece that misses all the added value we imprint on pieces by design processes. 


NOTE: Prototypes are NOT protected with Teflon coating. Prototypes don´t have stain guarantee as our finished rugs. 

Product Care

All of our rugs embed the soul of our weavers. We suggest special considerations for them: 

Accidents do happen and if you experience a serious spillage, please call our showroom for recommended cleaners. 

* Vacuum once a week - When new, Barragán Rugs will shed lint. Use intermediate power for your vacuum, and do not use a cleaner with teeth!  
* If contact with liquids should happen - treat spillages and stains by mopping up the area and using a solution of soft soap in warm water if required.  
* Rotate the rug twice a year - This will also help the rig to fade evenly. Time does inflict changes on the rug! But it makes them more beautiful...
* Professional rug cleaning only 
* No dry cleaning